Video Distribution Simplified

Login to Vid Octopus

Download Vid Octopus on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Login using your Email or Facebook account


Choose Video

Create great videos with camera instantly or choose from the video gallery. TrimEdit metadata, title, description, tags


Select Platforms

Schedule your distribution. Select multiple video sharing sites and cloud storage platforms of your choice


Distribute Video

With all the settings done once, we will distribute, upload and publish for you. Maximize reach with minimum effort!



Download Vid Octopus from Google Play, Apple Store or Amazon App Store


Upload from Gallery

Already available clips can be chosen from the video gallery

Choose the clip, trim and set the title, description, tags

Upload Using Camera

Use this option to capture amazing moments on the go

Upload captured clips directly to multiple video platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. in a single click

Enter Video URL

Paste shareable link of the video saved in the cloud

For example; use video's Dropbox link to distribute directly

QR Scan from Web Dashboard

After uploading the video file using the Dashboard, a QR code will be generated

Scan this QR code using this option in the application

Proceed normally to set the title, description, scheduling and other settings

3. trim video, add logo & watermark

  • Choose logo of your choice to add on the video.
  • You can also use watermark option to further copyright your video.
  • Use sliders below the video to trim the video.
  • Video details like size, duration, start and end times will appear for ease.

4. Choose Platforms, Schedule, Quality & Privacy

Set Quality, Schedule and Privacy


Set Video Distribution Schedule

Schedule your videos for automatic uploading at a later date to as many video platforms as you wish. You can schedule for a maximum of 1 week. Multiple schedules are possible as well.

Set Video Quality

You can choose the possible video quality for the video to be uploaded to different video sharing platforms.

Set Video Privacy

Choose if you want your video to be Public or Private. Only public videos can be viewed by anyone on that particular platform.

Choose the Platforms

  • Choose the platforms, fill in the video title, description, category and tags fields
  • Advanced Settings; for individual plaform options
  • Tap the Upload Video button

You can change details like title, description or tags for the individual platforms by clicking the settings icon in the Summary screen that appears when you tap Upload Video button.

5. Distribute Video

  • Once all the settings are done, press the Distribute Video at the bottom of the screen
  • Once the upload is completed as per the scheduling, you will be notified on your device

Scheduled: Scheduled videos can be accessed from the application (Menu > Scheduled Videos). Scheduled videos can be modified or deleted if required

History: All the videos uploaded are categorized platformwise and can be accessed from the My Uploads section (Menu > My Uploads)

Sharing: If you wish to share the link of an uploaded video, just visit the History and long press the video thumbnail to share the link with friends and family


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1. Click Dashboard to start

Access Web Dashboard directly from here


Paste shareable URL of your video or share directly from cloud storages like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc

Make sure the video file from your cloud storage is set to shareable before pasting the link, this will allow Vid Octopus to download the video and distribute at the scheduled time.

Drag your video file or Click on the box to choose your video that you wish to upload

Please make sure the video file is of the extensions allowed. You will see an error in case you try to upload an unsupported video format.

3. trim & add basic video metadata

Trim the part of the video that you want to upload. To trim the video, please use the sliders provided in the video player. You can trim by manually inserting the start and end time
Add basic video metadata like video title, description and tags.

4. Additional optional settings

Browse your brand logo from your disk and select its position. Also add watermark text to your videos for branding.

The video can be scheduled for distribution for up to 1 week in future.

Set your Video Privacy (public or private). By default it will be public after being uploaded.

Select Video Quality of your video.

5. Choose Social Networks

Now, select Multiple Social Media Platforms where you wish your video to be uploaded

6. Generate QR Code

Once all the settings are complete, click NEXT and you will be redirected to the third and the last section. A QR code is generated which can be scanned using the Vid Octopus application installed on your device. Once the code is scanned, continue from your device to finalize the distribution

try vid octopus download free