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How Vid Octopus can help you in digital marketing

By Vid Octopus 15th January 2017




As we mentioned earlier, video content is taking the internet by storm. It is now unthinkable to not use attractive videos to express your views or share useful content with your audience. There is no shortage of video hosting sites on internet. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter are a few names that immediately come up as you start to count. Of course each has its own use cases and limits. But if you have a cool video why not just upload it to as many places as you can instead of one and miss out on so many exciting opportunities that other sites have to offer. If you like to express yourself with videos you must have wondered if one video can be distributed across the internet with just one click. There is a solution and we call it Vid Octopus. Just like an octopus can grab multiple objects at the same time using different tentacles, Vid Octopus can upload your video to multiple site at once. Besides just an uploading tool Vid Octopus can help you in several ways.



Saves Time and Effort


Uploading is generally slow that downloading as most ISPs only provide high downloading speeds but average uploading speeds. Slow uploads is often the main deterrent that prevents video makers from uploading their content to multiple sites more often. Although Vid Octopus cannot increase your internet upload speed but what it can do is to spread your videos to different sites with a single upload. Sounds cool right? Once you select your destination platforms on Vid Octopus app you just upload the video once. Vid octopus servers then upload your video to all intended sites without you having to do it again and again.



Upload While You Sleep


There are times when you want to engage with your viewers throughout the 24 hours. To upload your video at a certain time you have to be available at that time. If you are busy with other chores you cannot upload your content at the time you want. With Vid Octopus however you can upload whenever you want without having to be available at the time when you want your video to be distributed. You can upload your video upto one week in advance and let Vid Octopus know the exact time and date when you want your content to be uploaded. Vid Octopus can schedule your uploads round the clock so you can have share your content at the best times of day. This means your videos can have maximum impact no matter where your target viewers are.



Add Your Proprietary Logo and Watermark


Vid Octopus is not just a simple uploader. It is a complete video manager. With Vid Octopus you can also add your own logo and/or watermark to your video before you upload it. Adding your own logo gives your video a more authentic feel, promotes your brand and creates a feeling of trust between you and your viewers. Similarly with watermark you can add an important notice or your company's name etc in the video. While you can find individual video editors for doing these tasks, with Vid Octopus you have a complete solution in a one app.



Manage Your History


If you are a regular video uploader, keeping track of your uploads can be a hassle specially when there are more than one sites where you have uploaded. With Vid Octopus you can see all you uploads in one place, making in easier to keep track of your video reach. Your upload history can also be also be shared on instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp, WeChat etc.



Team Collaboration


If you are working on a video project with a team you would often share the content with your project members before you upload the final version. Vid Octopus is integrated with popular cloud storage platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox which means working with a team can be super easy while uploading with Vid Octopus.




 About Vid Octopus


Vid Octopus, the best video uploading, scheduling and posting solution. One platform to simultaneously distribute your videos to multiple video hosting sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and many more. For videos team collaboration, cloud storage platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc., are also integrated. Mobile applications on Android and iOS as well as Web Dashboard is provided to provide users the best possible and streamlined experience.




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