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Does Timing of your Video Sharing have any Effect on your Reach?

By Vid Octopus 17th October 2016



Have you seen the kind of response people give to videos that connect with them and trigger their emotions? 


If you have, then you surely know the importance of video marketing in today’s era. Most of the people prefer watching videos instead of reading textual content on different websites. It is hard to find a company that does not invest in video marketing to deliver it's message. If a picture is worth a thousand words a video is probably worth millions of words. High quality, innovative and engaging video content is highly in demand these days and thus, most of the businesses are now hiring people who can make creative videos to capture customer’s attention.


Have you ever wondered – does the timing of your video sharing have any affect on your reach? Would it make any difference if you publish you video at a certain time or/and date? Sometimes timing influences the impact of the video you share. You have to be particular about when you share the video so that you get proper attention from your target audience.

Want to know some amazing tips to release the video ‘just in time’ when it’s needed? Read below:





Make a detailed report about what you video is all about: What are you planning to do with your video without having a proper report in your hands? Prepare a report that talks about everything related to your video.





Find out which season would enhance the impact of your video: If you are selling some sort of seasonal product, you better release the video during that season. If you have a product that can be used only during a specific season, release the video a few days prior to the season. For an instance - if your video is all about the warmth of your woolen tops, publish the video two to three weeks before winters.





Think about video scheduling: Using Vid Octopus you can schedule your videos for distribution. You can for example release one video every week with such creative content that keeps people guessing and eagerly waiting for the next one. 





Different age groups have slightly different time preferences for watching online videos: Find out on what day and time your target audience into the video sharing mode. People are generally less occupied during weekends or between 17:00 - 20:30 on weekdays. This is when online activity is at its peak. Here is a trend from one of our Facebook video pages.







Share video after an important event: Sharing videos related to a national or global event immediately after the event can give your video huge boost in terms of user traffic and views. For example share video of New Year’s fireworks or a controversial celebrity interview immediately after it is broadcasted. Such videos may be not 100% related to your product or service, but lie in the same category or service industry, can be useful to drive traffic to your website which can then enable users to view other content on your website too.





Release an important marketing video on important days: No matter what kind of a business you have, important occasions, like New Year, Christmas eve, Easter, Eid festivals can always get you more response for your video content.





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