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Why Online Video Sharing is Taking Over the Internet?

By Vid Octopus 9th November 2016



Look at the things around you… what do you see? Cellphones? Smartphones? Laptops? In fact you are reading this blog on one of those.



Eventually, digitalization has won our hearts in all the ways. No matter what kind of information we need, we know that internet is that one thing that can give us all the answers that we want to know. Whether you want to learn, watch news or just want to kill time you can always rely on your best friend – your favorite search engine. Out of all the content that your search engine throws at you, research shows 55% keywords will result in at least one video result.



More and more businesses have now started depending upon internet marketing, in which video marketing has gained immense popularity. Online video sharing is taking over the internet. Research states that by 2019, 80% of the total internet traffic will be nothing but ‘video. Every second, nearly a whopping million minutes of video content will cross the network by 2020. Facebook announced last year that in a period of seven months its video viewership doubled from 4 billion views per day to 8 billion views per day



But why is video traffic on the rise?



Technological advancements: Advancements in information technology coupled with rapid increase in internet connection speeds means more and more people are connected. Over the last decade not only video quality of a normal cell phone video has improved by leaps and bounds, there is also a gigantic rise is the number of potential viewers. This is evident from the growth of online video hosting sites.



Easy on the eyes: People are so fond of sharing videos because reading texts can be difficult at times, but watching a video is quick and easy on the eyes. Instead of reading a large article on some product, people now prefer watching its video. Easy access to smart phones means anyone can make a video. If you want to know how to replace your car’s battery what would you prefer? Sifting through your car’s manual or watching a YouTube video? Or if you need help about how to paint your room’s wall where would you turn to? Wouldn’t it be easier to watch a video of someone doing it. We all see online videos multiple times a day. Online courses, product reviews, travel guides, advertisements, branding, marketing, prank videos, entertainment, education the potential use cases and reach of videos is limitless.



They can be viral: Videos have the potential to become viral more easily than any other form of content. They are great for businesses or individual to market themselves. Clever use of video sharing has made a lot of people popular. Even if you don’t make a video all by yourself, keep sharing informative or funny videos and you can create a fan following. A lot of companies hire people who simply share different videos on various pages and get a lot of followers for their brands. Once there are a huge amount of people on a specific page, marketing a particular product or service or brand becomes easier. If viewers like something about some product it can turn into a lead for the company.



Enhance SEO: Video content is beneficial for search engine optimization (SEO). Search results are influenced by videos. Search engines favor pages which include videos. In order to give more meaningful experience to users Google keeps modifying its search algorithms. Now search results always feature videos among top 10 results on first page.



Multiple sites to share: To get the maximum out of your video you do not want to restrict it to one platform. Video distribution i.e uploading videos to multiple sites is extremely useful if you want to increase the reach of your video Many people have preference for one site over the other Why upload your video only to YouTube when you can get additional thousands of views from Facebook, Dailymotion, Twitter etc. However uploading videos to multiple sites one by one is extremely time consuming and laborious. Add to this the problem that different video sharing sites have their own restrictions on video sizes quality and length, uploading your video to different sites on the internet in quick time may seem like a daunting task.



With Vid Octopus you have an App that solves all the hassle of video uploading to multiple sites. You can also trim your video, add your logo or watermark and just let it know where to upload your video. This simple app is meant for every day user. You can be a digital marketer for your brand or college student wanting to upload your favorite video to multiple sites. All what matters is you know how to make video and want to get the best out of it.




 About Vid Octopus

Vid Octopus, the best video uploading, scheduling and posting solution. One platform to simultaneously distribute your videos to multiple video hosting sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and many more. For videos team collaboration, cloud storage platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc., are also integrated. Mobile applications on Android and iOS as well as Web Dashboard is provided to provide users the best possible and streamlined experience.




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