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How to use Social Media Videos to Grow your Startup

By Vid Octopus 20th December 2016




Today social media marketing is not limited to text or image based platforms. In fact, videos have gained a strong foot hold in social media. Video traffic on social media sites is growing at an unprecedented rate as more and more videos are being uploaded and viewed every day on the internet. Powerful videos delivering your brand message have now become an integral part of any startup. Not only you an introduce you product in a more captivating way you can also give training about product usage, share important tips and introduce new features via powerful videos. Videos are much more convenient to watch and easier to understand for general public. As a startup videos should always be part of your marketing plan.



The key to a targeted and result oriented social media video marketing strategy lies in:

  • Cultivate traffic organically on video oriented social media sites.
  • Produce social videos with consistent quality and brand compatible message.
  • Upload video to multiple social media platforms to boost engagement exponentially.
  • Have a system to reduce strain of video distribution and uploading on multiple social media video sites.



Perfect the concept of social videos

Since every platform caters to a unique set of audiences, your videos should be optimized for individual social video sites. Your videos need to have shareable content, which induce emotions or has a logical format of story. If using live videos your content needs to be authentic and induce a dialogue with the users to get immediate engagement from your target audiences. Upload your videos to multiple social media platforms to generate the maximum interest in the shortest span of time.



Ideal social video length

Experiment with video durations to customize your videos to certain specific social video marketing platforms. You can optimize the same video with multiple edits to optimize it for multiple social platforms. Different sites have different restrictions on the length of video you can upload,


  • Facebook videos –  up to 120 minutes
  • YouTube – anywhere from short 60 seconds to more than 5 hours duration
  • Twitter – videos under 220 seconds
  • Vine – 6 seconds loops
  • Instagram – 60 second short videos



Add your logo or URL to every video

Make sure you add some information to your videos that users can trace back to your website. The idea behind uploading video to different platforms is to make sure more and more people get to know about your business. How would they get back to you if they are interested in knowing more ? Yes they can Google but adding a URL in the description or providing a contact information at the end of video can make it easier for customers. Moreover adding company logo to your video can give a more authentic feel to the video building customer confidence in the product.



Optimizing videos for the new autoplay feature

The autoplay feature is a new feature in social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. The feature allows a video to start playing automatically when users scroll over it. The key would be to put movement within the first few frames to grab user attention from the beginning of the video to avoid them passing over your video to the next posts in the feed.



Uploading videos to multiple sites

Creating a video content is a much more time consuming and expensive process compared to creating image based or text based content. You should utilize your social networking to grab maximum user engagement from every video. An organic way to do this is to distribute the video to multiple social media platforms for exponential user engagement.

You can use popular video distribution services Vid Octopus to post optimized videos to multiple social media video platforms with a single click. This reduces your time needed for uploading and checking requirement of every platform. Moreover using a video distribution manager would extend your social reach and deliver all key statistics from different sites on a single dashboard.




 About Vid Octopus

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