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5 Tips to Increase your Video Marketing Skills

By Vid Octopus 5th September 2016




Video marketing is the new mantra to win the hearts of the audience. Growth of video content on internet is exponential and every company wants to target millions of potential customers in cyber space. Attractive and engaging videos are the best way to build brand awareness and gain customer trust. Forget about text or others content to attract people or draw traffic to your website, if you know how to use your video marketing skills, you can enhance your sales in the most effective way. As with any field competition is tough but knowing your customers, using the right video marketing tools and working smartly can help you achieve competitive edge.


So how do you enhance your video marketing skills? Here are some useful tips that can be used:


Trigger Viewer's Emotions


Content that can make viewers emotional and creates a certain level of attachment, will have a long lasting effect. A strong underlying story to the solution or product in question will ignite an emotional reaction. This would require lot of hard work and research but it is guaranteed to enhance your brand awareness and will connect people to your product. When you tap their emotions, they feel pulled towards your brand, product or service.




Make it Count


Attract them with the title of your video. Let the title of your video be remarkable. Social media video marketing is possible only when you have an impressive title for your video. Let them know your video has something to offer out to them. Give some thought as to what could attract you potential customer. Your video title is one of the first things viewers will look at and an intriguing title will encourage them to play your video.




Ensure to Add Your URL in the Video


So you don’t have any URL mentioned in the video?  How do you think they are going to learn about you? The moment you include a URL in your video is the moment you invite more traffic to your website; this is how you get the most from your video marketing strategy. Add relevant tags and put some useful information in the description field to attract potential buyers to your website. You should also think about adding your logo and/or watermark to your videos.




Video Thumbnail


Your video thumbnail is one of the most important factors that pull viewers towards your video. Choose an interesting, eye-catching thumbnail for you video. A well thought out thumbnail can boost your video views dramatically.




Brand Yourself (or your company)


Instead of marketing just a particular product or service, it is always better to market yourself as a whole. If you have a company, make sure your sales boost with video sharing, which can be done only when you market your entire company and not just one specific thing.




Video Marketing is way beyond YouTube


Most of the video marketers believe in marketing only on YouTube, but this is not the only platform that you need to use to market your brand. You need to find other platforms that allow you to showcase yourself and draw more attention of your target audience. Use different platforms to get more exposure. Using Vid Octopus solution you can share your videos to multiple sites in one go. This will build up your brand and make sure you do not miss out on different segments of online viewers. More over having a video distribution tool saves your time so you can focus on building better content.





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