About Vid Octopus

Video Distribution has never been simpler

Vid Octopus is a video distribution and sharing manager that seeks to make life easy for marketers, advertisers, content creators, brands and anyone who wishes to upload videos to multiple social media platforms and channels in one go. Strong features suite integrates most popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and more. It's also designed and caters the needs of video teams to collaborate without any hassle and efficiently with cloud storage integration like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

You just need to upload once and let Vid Octopus take care of the rest, helping you save your precious internet bandwidth, time, energy and effort. Mass video uploading has never been easier. One videos manager to fuel up your social media feeds!

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Feel free to contact us for any queries, suggestions and feedback at care@vidoctopus.com
For media related questions and queries please contact at media@vidoctopus.com

Vid Octopus is owned by Drizzlez Inc. based in Espoo, Finland.


Personalized Video Distribution Platform

Using smartphone application and Web Dashboard,
videos distribution has never been simpler


Using the smartphone application, videos distribution has never been simpler
  • Engage
  • Publish
  • Manage
  • Analyze

It's Time to Fuel Your Social Feeds with Video

There is no better way than an eye-catching video to promote your product, improve your brand awareness or convey a strong message. Whether you are an avid gamer, sport enthusiast, brand marketer or a viral video creator Vid Octopus can help you spread your message with a combination of brilliant features and easy to use one-click design.

  • Using scheduling you can upload our videos at time of your choice without being available at that time.
  • You can share you uploaded videos' links with your friends on popular live messengers like WhatsApp, WeChat, etc..
  • Like to upload via your browser? We have a cool web dashboard designed specifically for easy uploading of video content.